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What Does the Norwegian FM Shutdown Mean For the U.S.? (I can't pick them up from here, anyway)

Rapid Single-Electron Sensor Has Promise for Quantum Devices

Amateur Radio Payload Could Share Space on Geostationary Satellite

The 10 Greatest Inventors of the Mid-20th Century 

Peregrine Semiconductor Introduces Glitch-less RF Digital Step Attenuators

Generating Broadband THz Radiation from Microplasma in Air

NASA 3-D Prints 1st Full-Scale Copper Rocket Engine Part

Rail Signaling Upgrade 'Could Be Hacked to Cause Crashes'

Babies As Young As 6 Months Using Mobile Media

Undersea GPS Could Guide Submerged Drones in the Deep

House Committee Asks FCC for Documents Related to Proposed Enforcement Bureau Closures (how can Gov't be short on $$$ with all the taxes it collects?)

Tear Down: The Propagating Plane Wave

Metamaterials Shine Bright as New Terahertz Source

Chinese Mobile App Used for Hiring Thugs to Beat up People

Huge Reduction of Heat Conduction Observed in Flat Silicon Channels

Pentagon’s New Cyber Strategy Cites U.S. Ability to Retaliate

The Electrician's Trade Demystified! - A Review by Moi

The Electrician's Trade Demystified - RF CafeThe Electrician's Trade Demystified!, by David Herres, is, per the cover's claim, "Everything an aspiring electrician NEEDS to KNOW." That is a pretty bold claim for a book of 250 pages when considering how wide AND deep the field of electrical tradesmanship really is. However, because of the way in which David approaches the subject, I am convinced that within reasonable constraints of expectations, the book does an excellent job at informing an aspiring electrician with everything he needs to know. How can I corroborate the assertion, you might ask? Simple. There is no attempt to cover every chapter word by word or to impart a comprehensive knowledge of every topic to the reader. Instead, all chapters are addressed in terms of what kind of material is contained, how it is arranged, what material should be memorized by every electrician, and how the table of contents and

Electronics-Themed Comics

Electronics Themed Comics, June 1945 Radio Craft - RF CafeHere are a couple more comics from magazines of the days of yore. Radio-Craft readers submitted ideas for funnies and then artist Frank Beaven would draw the comics based on their ideas. Some months had no comics, and some had as many as half a dozen. This month had two. There is also one from the May 1946 Radio News. Enjoy.

"-Tron" Teasers An Electronic Quiz

"-Tron" Teasers - An Electronic Quiz, October 1963 Electronics World - RF CafeThyratrons, klystrons, and magnetrons I've heard of, but trochotrons, charactrons, tonotrons I ain't heard of. That made this quiz more of a learning exercise for me than a test of any sort of knowledge possessed. Heck, I thought an 'ignitron' was a pejorative term for a really dumb techie wannabe. In all there are 17 types of '-tron' devices given for which to match from a list of descriptions. You'll probably do better than I did

Notable Tech Quote Domain Available

J. Scott Evans, Adobe (PLI photo) - RF Cafe"I told my people the best way not to get included is not to suck." he says. ­ New .Sucks Internet Domain: Extortion Or Free Speech? - J. Scott Evans, associate general counsel at Adobe Systems, in response to whether his company would succumb to what some consider extortion with the issuance of ".sucks" domain extensions. The extension, which some malicious SOP (son-of-a-pup) with too much money to spend could use to buy "," would cost as much as $2,500 per year.

Anatech's April Newsletter

Anatech Electronics April 2015 Newsletter - RF CafeAnatech Electronics, a manufacturer of RF and microwave filters, has published its April 2015 newsletter. As always, it includes both company news and some tidbits about relevant industry happenings. This month, Sam Benzacar reports on the progress of the worldwide LTE rollout, the status of VoLTE (Voice over LTE ), and the DoD's efforts to reduce the cost of electronic systems acquisition (particularly EW). He also discusses how to handle a growing number of frequency bands that need to be accommodated by cell tower base stations

The Aircraft Radio Serviceman

The Aircraft Radio Serviceman (Piper Cub), April 1946 Radio News - RF CafeAircraft electronics has always been on the bleeding edge of technology because of the ever-increasing need to fly in the widest range of atmospheric conditions possible. Accordingly, skills needed by avionics servicemen are amongst the highest required in any electronics field. There are still many pieces of vintage equipment in service that need to be maintained, but even 20- to 30-year-old airborne radars and navigational units require top-notch techs to troubleshoot and align. One topic in particular that plagues electronics operation even in modern airframes is that of static electricity build-up and lightning strikes. We all face those kinds of static discharge hazards in non-aviation environment, but for the most part a failure on the ground or water is not as imminently

Please Welcome Saelig Co.
as a New Advertiser!

Saelig Company - RF CafeSaelig Company, Inc. (bottom 728x90-pixel banner ad) is a New York State corporation operating as a Sales and Marketing Agent and Distributor for more than 100 manufacturers from all over the world. Founded in 1988 by Alan Lowne, Saelig has earned a growing reputation for having notable products not found elsewhere. “Saelig” is an Olde English word which means “happy, prosperous, blessed”. We sell and support a wide range of electronic control and instrumentation equipment and components to customers ranging from Fortune 500 industrial users, military, educational institutions and hospitals to individual end-users

Google "Matched Content"

Google Matched Content Beta - RF Cafe
Google very recently began a Beta test program called "Matched Content," where 'related' pages within the website are displayed in a scrollable banner format. Hyperlinks to the pages are provided. I just installed it yesterday and it seems to be working very well. The format is very colorful and attractive as you can see by a screen capture below (and a 'live' version at the bottom of the page). Part of Google's Page Rank algorithm gives credit for cross-linking to other related pages within your own website, so I wonder whether this counts, as opposed to actually placing internal hyperlinks within the page content; it would be nice if it does. Google is limiting the Beta to

NI AWR Software Showcased During IMS2015

NI AWR Software Showcased During IMS2015 - RF CafeNI (formerly AWR Corp), showcases NNI AWR software throughout the International Microwave Symposium 2015 (IMS2015) in a number of ways. A preview of V12 NI AWR Design Environment™ software, including new load-pull and antenna features, as well as ease of use, speed enhancements and third-party integration flows, will be on display inside NI booth #2431. IMS2015 runs from May 17-22 in Phoenix. NI AWR Software Demonstrations What’s New in V12 –preview the new features in the upcoming V12 release of the NI AWR Design Environment and you’ll be entered into our GoPro raffle

Decibel Level vs. Decibel Gain

Decibel Level vs. Decibel Gain - RF CafeArithmophobia (a real word) is likely the root cause of of decibelphobia (that one's made up), a condition that causes some otherwise rational people to curl in the fetal position in an attempt to avoid the topic. As with most subjects, the more often you engage in using a term, the more comfortable you become with it. Technicians and engineers who deal in voltage and power levels in terms of dividing quantities or transmitting them from one location to another would find conversation and writing without the use of decibels quite inconvenient. It is tempting to point out that using decibel units to express ratios or relative levels, thereby permitting use of simple addition and subtraction rather than multiplication and division,respectively, is no different than using logarithms to

Radio Amateur Course
-Vacuum Tubes -

Radio Amateur Course, October 1935 Short Wave Craft - RF CafeJust the other day I was using the familiar analogy that relates water pressure, hose diameter, and flow rate to electrical voltage, resistance, and current, respectively, in an explanation to my daughter regarding why the water flow rate in her rebuilt house (original burned down a year ago) is not what it was in her original house. The cause, I surmise, is due to use of the plastic PEX tubing which has a smaller inside diameter than the old copper pipe. The submersible pump and holding tank supply the same 50 psi as before, but since that pressure now has to force the water through a path inside the house that has more resistance to the water flow, the delivery rate to fixtures is now lower. When I hold the contacts closed on

Send Me Your Press Releases!

Send Me Your Press Releases! - RF CafeThere is a very easy - and FREE - way for you to get your company's products and services in front of RF Cafe visitors: Press Releases. Serving between 7,000 and 10,000 pages each weekday provides a valuable amount of exposure to people like you - serious engineers, technicians, students, and hobbyists. If your company makes products that I deem relevant to my readership, I will gladly post your press release, company news, product announcements, etc. Please send the information, along with images (or links to online images), hyperlinks to featured product pages, contact information, an About Us statement, and other such content usually associated with press releases. I do

Saelig Introduces Pre-Compliance EMC Probe Kits

Saelig Introduces Pre-Compliance EMC Probe Kits - RF CafeSaelig Company, Inc. announces the availability of the TBPS01-TBWA2 EMC Probe Kit, which includes investigative near-field probes and a wideband amplifier to increase the versatility of economical spectrum analyzers to identify EMC issues. The economical TBPS01-TBWA2 EMC Probe Kit consists of four rubber-handled near-field probes (three H-field and one E-field), a 20 dB or a 40 dB wideband amplifier, and associated cables, supplied in an attractive wooden case. The shielded probes have built-in ferrites and insulated rubber handles to insure that measurements are insensitive to the human hand. The H- or E-field probes are useful for detecting radiated 

A New Crop of RF & Microwave Articles is Ready

RF & Microwave Engineering Articles for April 23, 2015 - RF CafeA new crop of articles on RF and microwave topics has been posted online by our industry's contemporary magazine publishers. Just as the hard copies arrive in our mailboxes at different times each month, so too do the online versions. We are treated to the usual mix of narrowly focused expositions on specific applications like "Compact Microstrip Lowpass Filter with Ultra-Wide Stopband Using a Modified Circular Resonator," as contrasted to ones covering broader subjects such as "Cut the Defense Budget? Sure, No Worries." A general rule of thumb seems to be the longer the title, the more specific the article. They're all worth reading, but alas, busy schedules limit most of us

Empower RF Conducting Live Demos at MTT-S IMS 2015

Empower RF Conducting Live Demonstrations at MTT-S IMS 2015 - RF CafeEmpower RF Systems is once again conducting live demonstrations of broadband, high power amplifiers with compelling performance, industry leading small size, and user interface / functionality that dares to challenge legacy products offered in the market. Next appearing at MTT-S IMS 2015 in Phoenix, AZ, we will be showcasing our 1 to 3 GHz, 1 kW HPA in a 5U chassis. This is an extraordinary design which includes an integrated (internal) dual directional coupler and instrument

littleBits™ Modular System Electronic Building Components

littleBits™ Modular System Electronic Building Components - RF CafeSteve Ford had a little bit about littleBits™ in his "Eclectic Technology" column in the April issue of QST, and it looked interesting enough to mention here. "What is littleBits? littleBits makes an opensource library of electronic modules that snap together with tiny magnets for prototyping, learning, and fun. littleBits consists of tiny circuit-boards with specific functions engineered to snap together with magnets. No soldering, no wiring, no programming, just snap together for prototyping, learning and fun. Each bit has a specific function (light, sound, sensors, buttons, thresholds, pulse, motors, etc), and modules snap to make larger circuits. Just as LEGO

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