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Wireless Communication Standards for the IoT

PCB Layout Designer Needed
Advantage Elect. Product Dev.

PCB Layout Designer Needed by Advantage Electronic Product Development - RF CafeAdvantage Electronic Product Development has announced a position that is an ideal opportunity for an in-house PCB layout designer to contribute their talents to projects that make a difference in people's lives. Includes a with a wide range of board layout types in areas from RF to high-speed printed circuit board layout. You will perform high-speed circuit board design, prepare PCB Design layouts, create revisions, and/or CAD library symbols per verbal instructions. This is an in-house position so if you live in Colorado, and can work full-time onsite at our office in Broomfield, Colorado. Join a team of dedicated and extremely talented individuals

Fairview Intros New Lines
of RF Isolators and Circulators

Fairview Microwave Releases Comprehensive Lines of RF Isolators and Circulators - RF CafeFairview Microwave a global supplier of on-demand microwave and RF components, releases new RF circulators and isolators which are commonly used in radar systems, wireless communications, DAS, test labs and amplifier systems where sensitive RF equipment would require protection from reflected signals. Fairview Microwave’s 2-port RF isolators are passive ferrite devices that aid in the protection of sensitive RF components from excessive power reflection. Fairview’s RF isolators are designed with connectorized packages with SMA, Type-N, or 2.92 mm

Radio Service Data Sheets

Majestic Model 25 - 9-Tube Twin-Detector Radio Service Data Sheet, February 1932 Radio-Craft - RF CafeOnce again I have given selflessly and freely of my time and talent to make available resources to those seeking certain knowledge regarding vintage radio circuits ;-)  This time it is the Radio Service Data Sheet for the Majestic Model 25 - 9-Tube Twin-Detector and the Howard Model 45 A. V. C. Superheterodyne with Model A. V. H. Chassis. The info was published in a 1932 edition of Radio-Craft magazine, one of Hugo Gernsback's many endeavors. Also on the pages is a complete list of all such schematics and tuning and repair data posted thus far.

Author: Kirt Blattenberger on Google+ Author:
Kirt Blattenberger

NI AWR Design Environment
Application Note Now Available

NI/AWR "How to Improve Second-Harmonic Passband Rejection Microstrip Side-Coupled Filters" - RF CafeNI (formerly AWR Corporation) released a new NI AWR Design Environment application note, “Improving the Second-harmonic Pass Band Rejection of Microstrip Side-coupled Filters.” Because of their low cost and easy manufacturability, side-coupled filters constructed from printed-circuit board-based microstrip are widely used throughout the industry. One of the main drawbacks of the side-coupled filter is its limited rejection of the second harmonic. This application note demonstrates a solution that mitigates this problem through the introduction of notch-filter elements that improve the overall rejection of side-coupled filters at the second harmonic without significantly affecting the filter passband behavior

See The Full-Page Splash Ad
You've Been Missing on RF Cafe

Website Entry Screen Splash Advertising - RF CafeAre you kidding me ?!?!?! Why in the world would you WANT to see a full-screen splash ad when you visit any website? I absolutely detest those things. When I visit a website, I want the first thing I am presented with to be the content of the site, NOT a full-page advertisement with some lame message like, "Please wait while your page is loading," or "Welcome Screen," or some other annoying and/or disingenuous text. Do the webmasters really think visitors are stupid enough to believe that the website's real content is loading behind the advertising screen, and that they are doing visitors a favor by providing

Chinese Vacuum Tubes

Chinese Vacuum Tubes, October 1945 Radio News - RF Cafe1945 or 2015? Seventy years have passed since this photo of a vacuum tube manufacturing facility in China was taken. Given that most new vacuum tubes are made in China, and that the labor work conditions have not changed much in the intervening time period (except in high-profile plants like Foxconn where Apple products are made), this might very likely represent a modern day operation. BTW, most of the vacuum tubes not being made in China are made in Russia... to assure their antiquated infrastructure has an ample supple of replacement parts. I say that only partly in jest. The largest market for new vacuum tubes is music amplifier equipment and a few

Report on the European
Radio Industry

Report on the European Radio Industry, May 1946 Radio News - RF CafeBy 1946, radio and television manufacturers were scurrying to supply the huge, pent-up demand for communications and entertainment systems that accumulated during World War II. Fortunately, the dearth of electronics components, raw materials for chassis fabrication, and available labor was suddenly and significantly turned around by late 1945. Wanton destruction of entire cities in Europe left citizens without many basic creature comfort items like radios, televisions, refrigerators, vacuum cleaners, toasters, automobiles, and other things taken for granted a decade earlier. As with any well-executed plan, manufacturers endeavored to survey the market demand for such products and then devised

February 2015 Book Drawing
Winners Have New Selection

Thanks to Qorvo's Jeff Cameron, Sr. Manager, Product Marketing, Filter Solution, for providing this very high quality polo / golf shirt (made by the Pebble Beach brand) with a Qorvo company logo embroidered on the front. It is being offered as a prize selection in the monthly RF Cafe Book Drawing. I knew Jeff back in the early / mid 2000s when I worked for RF Micro Devices in Greensboro, NC. As you probably know, RFMD merged with TriQuint last year and became Qorvo. Both of February's winners have been notified, but I haven't heard back yet from either. The shirt might be gone before the March drawing occurs.

Radar Engineering Crossword
Puzzle for March 1, 2015 

Radar Engineering Crossword Puzzle for March 1, 2015 - RF CafeI stopped creating the RF Cafe engineering and science themed crossword puzzles at the end of January in order to test the interest in them. As of today, on March 1st, I will resume creating them every couple weeks. It takes up to an hour to make each crossword. Enjoy this radar engineering themed puzzle.

Electronics-Themed Comics

October 1944 & May 1945 Radio-Craft - RF CafeIt's Friday again already (...finally). In that these comics from Radio-Craft magazine have an electronics theme, you can claim looking at them is work-related. You might consider using one of them for your next conference or project status presentation. There is a list of many more similar comics at the bottom of the page in case you haven't seen them yet. Enjoy.

Magnetic Hammer

Magnetic Hammer, January 1965 Electronics World - RF CafeIf you ever have the opportunity to read the history of the engineering efforts that went into designing and building the Saturn V rocket, you will be amazed at the ingenuity and incredible work that went into its creation. Margins of error approached single digits in some instances, like with some of the fuel tanks. According to the book NASA Apollo 11: Owner' Workshop Manual, re-design was constantly required to remove weight from already-completed assemblies in order to compensate for overweight components that could not be kept within their budget allocations. Some portions of fuel tanks were so thin that a finger poke would deform the container. This news item from a 1965 edition of Electronics World

Make: More Electronics
(Learning by Discovery)

Make: More Electronics: Journey Deep Into the World of Logic Chips, Amplifiers, Sensors, and Randomicity - RF CafeMake: More Electronics: Journey Deep Into the World of Logic Chips, Amplifiers, Sensors, and Randomicity (Learning by Discovery) is the most recent version of Charles Platt's electronics tutorials. I looked through the reader comments on a lot of the 'for Dummies' type books on electronics and this one by far received the best ratings overall. Mr. Platt, a contributing editor and regular columnist for Make magazine, has a few books in the series and they all are loved by readers. "As a prototype designer, he created semi-automated rapid cooling devices with medical applications, and air-deployable equipment for first responders. He was the sole author of four mathematical-graphics software packages, and has been fascinated by electronics since he put together a telephone answering machine from a tape recorder and military-surplus relays at age 15."

Intermediate Engineer:
Embedded Hardware/Software
and Mixed Applications

Synergy Intermediate Engineer Job Opening:  Embedded Hardware/Software and Mixed Applications - RF CafeSynergy Microwave currently has an opening for an Intermediate Engineer: Embedded Hardware/Software and Mixed Applications. A very exciting opportunity to join a strong engineering team dedicated to developing radio frequency products for the microwave communication, microwave instrumentation, radar and defense applications. You will have extremely deep resources and guidance for modern radio product development using mixed signal and digital radio techniques. Qualifications include experience in radio frequency applications, modulation algorithms, signal detection, leveling and

Theory and Practice

Electroluminescence: Theory and Practice, January 1965 Electronics World - RF CafeElectroluminescent (EL) devices were patented by General Electric back in 1938, but it was not until the 1960s that the fabrication process, involving copper-doped zinc sulfide (ZnS) as the light-emitting compound, had developed to the point where high volume production was feasible. Early EL displays exhibited short lifetimes and low efficiencies. EL panels are also referred to as light-emitting capacitors because of their construction geometry. Some of the first commercial applications for such EL panels were as back lighting in automobiles. Electroluminescence can also be obtained in semiconductors in the III-V group class like indium phosphide (InP), gallium arsenide (GaAs), and

Sivers IMA Demonstrates Next
Generation Converters

Sivers IMA Demonstrates Next Generation Converters - RF CafeSivers IMA today announced that they are launching the next generation converters for E- and V-band radio links. The new generation converters are based on the company’s proprietary SiGe chip and offer a cost-effective and high-performance solution for those who manufacture and market radio links. Sivers IMA’s new converters are designed to support very advanced modulation schemes, which enables capacities of up to 10 Gbps. The products are developed for radio frequencies and applications between 57 GHz to 86 GHz, the so-called V- and E-bands, and will be demonstrated at the

everythingRF Lists > 100,000
Products, >400 Manufacturers

everythingRF Now Lists over 100,000 Products from over 400 Manufacturers - RF Cafeeverything RF, the leading online website for the RF & microwave industry, has announced that they have now listed over 150,000 RF & microwave products from the leading manufacturers. everything RF has developed a parametric search technology which searches through multiple manufacturer catalogs to find products based on specifications. Engineers no longer need to visit multiple manufacturer websites to find products that meet their requirement. Users can compare products across companies, download datasheets, get pricing and request quotations. RFQs generated via everything RF

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