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Gallium Demand to Grow at 6% Annually to 420 Tons in 2020

Russian Indicted over LinkedIn and Dropbox Mega-Breaches

Smashing Metallic Cubes Toughens Them Up

EnSilica Opens Oxford RF Design Centre

Geomagnetic Storm Peaks at G3 (Strong) Level

4DS Memristors Target ReRAMs

Online Crime Leads to Losses of £10.9B per Year

LoRaWAN Field Test Device Introduced by Saelig

Adeunis LoRaWAN Field Test Device Introduced by Saelig - RF CafeSaelig Company announces availability of the LoRaWAN Field Test Device ARF8124AA - a ready-to-use system which provides connection with any operated network that uses the LoRaWAN V1.0 Class A & C protocol. It permits transmitting, receiving and real-time viewing of network radio frames. Equipped with a large LCD screen, it facilitates the verification of all operating information, such as GPS coordinates, temperature, and battery level, as well as network use parameters, such as uplink, downlink, SF, Packet Error Rate, etc. Its built-in ultra-fast, precise GPS capability optimizes geo-location ...

"Printed Wiring" Techniques for the Experimenter - Part 2

"Printed Wiring" Techniques for the Experimenter (Part 2), September 1956 Popular Electronics - RF CafeHere is the second of a 2-part article introducing hobbyists to the relatively new technique of printed circuit board (PCB) or, alternately, printed wiring board (PWB) fabrication. Author Louis Garner is from Bell Telephone Labs, which was an early adopter of PWBs. Bell had millions of relay switch and controller circuit boards for routing all the country's telephone calls. I remember a couple times in high school while working as an electrician's helper where we did some wiring inside a phone switching station and saw row upon row ...

Emerging Visible Light Communications

Emerging Visible Light Communications - RF Cafe"The idea is to make the most of VLC even in daylight when indoor lighting would typically be turned off. What's more, mobile users relying on VLC see how shining light to a receiver can drain their batteries. Using off-the-shelf, low-cost LEDs and photodiodes, the researchers came up with novel data encoding and LED driving schemes they presented in a paper, 'The DarkLight Rises: Visible Light Communication in the Dark' They had to tackle various challenges, such as designing an effective driving circuit that would react sufficiently fast (in nsecs) for minimal delay and to boost ..."

Army Evaluates Vehicle-Mounted Software Programmable Radio

Army Evaluates Vehicle-Mounted Software Programmable Radio - RF Cafe"The Army is evaluating a new vehicle-mounted radio technology that enables Strykers, tactical trucks, HMMWVs and Mine Resistant Ambush Protected vehicles to share real-time, combat-relevant information across the force. The new radios, called the Mid-tier Networking Vehicular Radio, were recently assessed in various combat scenarios such as rugged, mountainous terrain, woodland areas and dense vegetation to test its ability to relay IP packets of information through various high ..."

Wireless Technology Crossword Puzzle for October 23, 2016

Wireless Technology Crossword Puzzle for October 23, 2016 - RF CafeI have a confession to make regarding the puzzle titles. While all RF Cafe crosswords do in fact use only my hand-entered dictionary of terms and clues (literally thousands accumulated over the years) that pertain exclusively to science, engineering, chemistry, physics, mathematics, astronomy, etc., the choice for a particular title is to help attract search engines to the page. There is nothing deceptive going on, just an attempt to exploit the nature of search engine algorithms that rank pages ...

GlobalSpec IEEE Forums

GlobalSpec IEEE Forums - RF CafeEven with the dominance of social media sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter, there are still a rare few well-attended online forums that manage to survive. In my experience, they are usually the best place to go for asking questions and receiving useful answers. GlobalSpec's forum has been around since the late 1990s if memory serves me correctly. It is now affiliated with the IEEE and goes under the name of "Engineering 360" and/or "CR4." Per the FAQ page, CR4 stands for 'Conference Room 4®.' Their tag line is "CR4 - The Engineer's Place for News and Discussion®." I could not find why it is CR4 and not CR3 or CR5 ;-) ...

Author: Kirt Blattenberger on Google+ Author:
Kirt Blattenberger

A Crystal That Amplifies, October 1948 Radio & TV News

A Crystal that Amplifies, October 1948 Radio & Television News - RF CafeMessrs. Britain, Shockley, and Bardeen, are credited with inventing the first working transistor per their announcement in December of 1947. This article provides what was for many people an introduction to the operational specifics of transistors. Although its crude point contact ('cat's whisker') emitter and collector arrangement against the doped germanium base element was still in a configuration that did not yet represent a significant challenge to the domain of vacuum tubes, people of vision recognized its superior potential. As with most technologies, progress occurred quickly and ...

A Primer on Circulators and Isolators

A Primer on Circulators and Isolators - RF CafeProlific technical author Lou Frenzel, over at the Microwaves & RF website, recently posted a nice primer on how circulators and isolators work, and when you would use them. This topic might be old hat to most RF Cafe visitors, but there are always new technicians, engineers, students, and hobbyists entering the field for whom the topic is new. It makes a useful refresh for veterans of the RF trade as well ...

Microwavefilters & TVC Listing Added to Waveguide Vendors Page

Microwavefilters & TVC - RF Cafe
Microwavefilters & TVC
(formerly just Microwavefilters before merging with TVC), located in Cernusco sul Naviglio, Italy, has had its listing on both the RF / Microwave Filters and the Waveguide & Components manufacturer and services pages here on RF Cafe. "Our proved experience and know-how in manufacturing of components for RF and microwave applications over a complete series of frequencies (from 10 MHz up to 80 GHz) allows us to meet the market's demand with a wide, constantly extended and improved range of passive components."

Ring Oscillators for U.H.F. Transmission

Ring Oscillators for U.H.F. Transmission, January 1947 Radio News - RF CafeAchieving clean oscillations above about 300 MHz (1 meter wavelength) from standard glass and metal vacuum tubes is difficult due to interelectrode capacitances and self-inductance of internal wires and grid plates. Generating high power for applications like radar and long distance communications was made possible with the invention of klystron, magnetron, and ring oscillator tubes during World War II years. The UHF radio band spans from 300 MHz to 3 GHz, and it is the upper end of the band where the wavelength is short enough (3.93 inches | 10.0 cm for 3 GHz) to provide adequate spatial resolution ...

4 More Radio Service Data Sheets from 1935 Radio-Craft Magazine

Pilot Model 63 All-Wave 6-Tube Superheterodyne Radio Service Data Sheet, January 1935 Radio-Craft - RF CafeRadio Service Data Sheets were published by various electronics trade magazines back in the early to middle decades of the last century. SAMS Photofact® document sets were published on just about every appliance made, and those had much more detail than these briefs. However, for the low-budget repair shop or the do-it-yourselfer, the Radio Service Data Sheets were a godsend. Included in this round are the General Electric Model M-49, the Pilot Model 63, the RCA Victor Model 102, and the Stromberg-Carlson No. 69 ...

Fractal Antenna Systems Gets U.S. Patent for Fractal Metamaterials

Fractal Antenna Systems Gets U.S. Patent for Fractal Metamaterials - RF Cafe"Fractal Antenna Systems has been issued a patent for a fundamentally new approach to power gathering and transport, as well as heat transfer, with the innovation of metamaterials based on fractal geometry. They were issued US patent 9,482,474, entitled 'Radiative Transfer and Power Control with Fractal Metamaterial and Plasmonics.' Fractal metamaterials are collections of detached resonators, themselves intricate structures made from repeated and scaled designs ..."

Oxygen Layer May Extend Moore's Law

Oxygen Layer May Extend Moore's Law - RF Cafe"Moore's Law could be extended again sans scaling, according to Robert Mears. Mears invented the Erbium Doped Fiber Amplifier (EDFA) - the first commercial and still popular method of amplifying optical signals without having to convert them into electrical signals (and back again). Now Mears believes he has invented an equally industry-changing technology for CMOS called the Mears Silicon Technology (MST). 'At Atomera our vision was how to ..."

Modelithics Microwave Global Models for Würth Elektronik Inductor Families

Modelithics Announces Two New Microwave Global Models™ for Würth Elektronik Inductor Families - RF CafeModelithics, Inc. is pleased to announce the availability of two new Microwave Global Models™ for Würth Elektronik inductor families. As part of the Modelithics Vendor Partner (MVP) Program, Würth Elektronik and Modelithics collaborated to develop the advanced-feature models that offer substrate scalability, part value scalability and pad scalability. The two new inductor families now represented in the Modelithics library are the WE-MK 0603 case-size multilayer ceramic surface mount ...

World's 1st Acoustic Prism

World's 1st Acoustic Prism - RF Cafe"For almost 400 years the prism has been a unique tool for separating white light into all the colors of the rainbow according to their wave frequency. Now, the prism has a whole new use, thanks to some truly innovative minds. Scientists in Switzerland have created the world's first sound-based prism. The acoustic prism behaves similarly to its visual counterpart: it breaks down sounds according to their respective frequencies by physical means alone. Originally devised as a thought ..."

ARPA-E's $85M Plan to Build a Battery the Size of the Grid

ARPA-E's $85M Plan to Build a Battery the Size of the Grid - RF Cafe"As the electric grid is increasingly powered by renewables, it will need energy storage for when the wind isn't blowing and the sun isn’t shining. But the three top grid-scale energy storage technologies today—pumped hydropower, lithium-ion batteries and 'flow' batteries—arguably, aren't up to the challenge. The U.S. Department of Energy's technology incubator ARPA-E (Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy) wants to change that ..."

Tinkering with Gompertz' Curves for IoT Predictions

Tinkering with Gompertz' Curves for IoT Predictions - RF Cafe"Visiting customers in Paris last week, Mentor Graphics' Chairman and CEO Wally Rhines gave a talk on the inaccuracies of semiconductor revenue forecasts and why that may be, suggesting that we ought to revive a nineteenth century mathematician's curve, that of Benjamin Gompertz, for better predictions. 'Why is it so difficult to forecast semiconductor revenue?' he asked, acknowledging the volatility of semiconductor revenue in ..."

EM Research Intros Multi-Output Synthesizer 800 MHz / 16 GHz

EM Research Intros Multi-Output Synthesizer Single 800 MHz / Dual 16 GHz Outputs - RF CafeThe THOR-16000-XA is a multi-output frequency synthesizer with a single 800 MHz and dual 16 GHz RF outputs. The fully-custom hermetically-sealed package offers a low profile design for use in a hyper-velocity projectile system capable of withstanding extreme vibration and shock profiles; over 220 Gs. The THOR-16000-XA locks to an external 50 MHz reference and exhibits low phase noise at both RF output frequencies. At 100 KHz offset, phase noise is <-118 dBc/Hz ...

Thanks, Fellow Citizens, for Obamacare!

Thanks, Fellow Citizens, for Obamacare! - RF CafeYou might have heard that Obamacare rates are WAAAY up for 2017. Being self-employed in Pennsylvania, the cost for bottom-end (Bronze) plan for Melanie and me in 2017 is $772.28/mo. ($9,267.36/yr.) + $13,900 deductible. That's $23,167.36 out-of-pocket before Obamacare pays anything at all, and then only 60% of fees after full deductible has been paid. Check it out on healthcare.gov . Oh, and if I want to keep my current doctor, that plan this year is $974.75/mo. + $13,900 deductible ($25,597.00/yr.). It does NOT pay for emergency room, diagnostic, x-ray, MRI, etc., until AFTER the deductible ...

Annual ARRL On-Line Auction Now Open for Bidding!

Annual ARRL On-Line Auction Now Open for Bidding - RF Cafe"The 11th Annual ARRL On-Line Auction now is under way. Bidding on nearly 300 items will continue through Thursday, October 27. Participants must register. Those who have participated in past ARRL On-Line Auction events may use their previous log-in information. This year’s auction booty includes some vintage ham radio items, including a Collins S Line. Premier items from the QST 'Product Review' inventory include the Icom IC-7851 HF+6 meter transceiver, an Alpha 9500 amp ..."

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